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We are one of the UK’s leading supplier of office chairs. We understand how important it is to find comfort and support in the right chair, especially when you’re spending most of the day sitting in it – you need a chair that will stand the test of time. This is why it’s crucial our office chairs provide us with comfort and support where necessary, and that they don’t further add to our pain and discomfort while we’re trying to focus on important tasks.

We have carefully handpicked our selection to ensure you receive nothing but excellent quality and support. We highly recommend our ergonomic office chairs range which is best suited for those who can’t tear themselves away from their desk. They are extremely flexible and allow you to adjust for your own personal comfort. We also stock an extensive range of computer chairs, home office and leather chairs which boast durability, style and low prices.

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We found 35 product(s)


We found 35 product(s)


Office Chairs at Lakeland Furniture

Choosing the right one:

With the extensive variety of office chairs accessible, you have to think it completely before choosing which one would be most reasonable for your planned space and your own needs. Lakeland furniture is offering its help for you to choose the best chairs for your space.

Sitting for extend periods of time can bring about tiredness and distress, particularly in the event that you work late and you don't get appropriate back support. The uplifting news is that there are many different chairs for offices which are intended to offer help, strain relief and comfort. Consider the 3 most famous alternatives to settle on the best decision for you.

Go for Conventional:

The conventional chairs save a swivel design, a chair with movable height and backrest with a tilted work. The backrest is particularly intended to give lumbar support. It is bent so it takes the shape of the spine. The backrest normally measures in the area of 15 and 22 inches in tallness. This is adequate for the vast majority to get ideal support.

The office chair normally has in the area of 17 and 20 inches in width. Individuals who require a bigger chair can arrange a customs office furniture. Most models have armrests also. These give extra comfort by supporting your arms when you are writing on the PC.

These models accompany heavy cushioning. The chair, the backrest, and the armrests are cushioned with adaptable foam which molds to the shapes of the body.

The Flexible Option - Bending:

These types of chairs are intended to keep the body in a position which is like bent. For this, they take a load off and knee rest. When you take a chair, your hips slight forward and your knees are twisted. The back, neck, and shoulders turn out to be perfectly adjusted. When you take this posture, the heaviness of the body is circulated between the pelvis and the knees.

Accordingly, your back is moderated from the weight which it regularly bears when you are positioned. You will feel great regardless of the possibility that you work for extend periods of time. The position does not feel unnatural by any means.

Explore the Saddle Range

Saddle chairs get their name from their shape. Similar to our Delux Saddle, the chair has the state of a stallion saddle. There is no backrest. There are no armrests either. The chair is cushioned and its height can be balanced. When you sit in the chair position, your legs drop down normally and extend. This holds your back straight. Furthermore, the blood flow in the body moves forward. The models with the chair are prescribed fundamentally for individuals who have low back issues. You can now settle on the best sort of ergonomic chair for you, but there are few more things to consider for instance:

The depth:

In the event that your chair is too huge, this will set weight against the back of your knees which can likewise bring about distress. While positioned, measure the separation from the back of your knee to the backrest. You ought to have around an inch and a half or 2-3 fingers remove between the chair edge and back of the knee. On the off chance that you are uncertain of a chair for your office, will be too short for you, consider finding an chair that has the alternative for a chair slider which takes into account you to change the profundity of your chair.

The height:

Your office chair must permit you to sit with your feet level on the floor. This can be accomplished with the correct chair height. Measure the range from the floor to the line at the back of the knee. Expect the sort of footwear that you regularly wear to work, heel, for instance, may include a couple inches onto the height of the chair required.

Armrests and back:

A large portion of today's office workers encounters neck pain because of their arms being lifted and unsupported. Armrests are intended to support the neck and shoulder muscles. Armrests must be there for your support and comfort. A customisable backrest or lumbar support takes out this issue and takes into consideration the person’s position the backrest to meet the requirement of their spine. The height of the back is another worry. For those that experience upper back pain, it is basic to locate a taller back that will completely support their shoulders and neck such as on our Casino White


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