Dining Table Size & Seating Guide

12th December 2018

Looking for a new dining table? We've got you covered

Shopping for furniture is different from any other shopping. For one, furniture can be a much bigger purchase than you'd usually make. And so it should be! After all, it makes your house and home - you've got to live with it and use it every day. That's why we think it is so important to do your research and get your furniture shopping just right. Hopefully, this guide will help you to choose the right dining table size and the right seating to go with it.

We're going to show you the different dining table sizes available here at Lakeland Furniture. Then, we'll discuss the potential different uses for each style and dining table size to give you some inspiration! And finally, we'll take you through some seating options that would look great with various dining tables.

Which dining table size is right for you?

Firstly you should know that we offer both circular and rectangular dining tables. This, of course, makes a difference to the sizes we offer as each shape cannot be fairly compared. Circular-shaped dining tables can't fit into a corner, whilst rectangular tables can. This is just one example of how different the two table types are. So, naturally, we've split this next section into shapes!

Circular dining table sizes

The following sizes are the width of the tables in question. This is the easiest way to measure a circular table as the widest part allows you to figure out where it will fit in your home! Here's what we have available currently:

  • 60cm
  • 70cm
  • 90cm
  • 100cm
  • 120cm

Small sizes

Our smallest sizes, 60cm and 70cm wide, can be found with tables such as the walnut-leg DSW dining table and the Cortiz glass circular table. These compact sizes are perfect to use as coffee tables or hallway surfaces. Or maybe you've got a small kitchen and would just like somewhere to perch with your breakfast? These could be a great solution.

Medium sizes

Next up are our medium-sized dining tables - with 90cm and 100cm widths. You'll find designs such as the DSW beech-leg table and the Atlantico glass dining table. These tables are good for comfortably accommodating two people - perfect for a date night at home! However, if you opt for the larger of the two sizes (100cm) you can easily fit 4 chairs around.

Large sizes

The largest size of circular table we offer is 120cm. You'll find our DSW dining table with beech legs and a white top is available in this size! This dining table size is perfect for larger homes with a little more room. And the great thing about circular tables is that they really do make a bold style statement.

Rectangular dining table sizes

Next up, we'll take a look at our collection of rectangular dining tables. Currently, we have more circular tables but we still wanted to cover the rectangle options!

We have just one rectangular dining table size in stock right now: 70cm x 120cm. Bear in mind, the highest number is the length. These measurements refer to our Gothenburg glass dining table.

How to pick the seating for your dining table

When you buy your dining table, you'll probably want some dining chairs to go with it. Of course, the size of your dining table will determine which chairs you go with, along with the style and design of your table. We've put together some handy lists to help you pick out the perfect dining chairs!

if you've got a small table

If you've got a large table

Obviously, these dining chairs are much more suitable for larger dining tables. However, you'd be able to easily fit any of our dining chairs around a bigger table, so don't feel restricted to style!

If you have a plastic table

If you have a glass table

The Bergen dining chair is perfect for smaller dining tables!

Our dining table & chair sets

We've also put together some ready-made sets for you if you're shopping for a new dining table and chairs. Take our DSW dining table (90cm) with beech legs. It comes available as a set with four Bergen chairs in the same style. You can purchase this for just £389.99! This is certainly something to consider to make your furniture shopping just that bit easier.

Browse our entire collection of dining tables here.


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