Bar Stool Gas Lift: How Does It Work? Lakeland Furniture Explains

20th February 2018

The majority of our bar stools use a gas lift mechanism. In fact, over 200 of our products in the bar stool category have this particular feature. Some of our best selling products involve a bar stool gas lift!  So, it's no surprise that we're pretty keen to explain how these contraptions work.

How does a bar stool gas lift work?

Okay, so first things first, gas lift is very effective for its purpose. This is due to the mechanism known as a 'gas spring'. Essentially, a gas spring is almost like a bicycle pump except it is full of pressurised gas (nitrogen) and oil. You will have come across these springs in other contexts, not just in a bar stool. For example, the boot of your car is powered by a gas spring - this is why it's so easy to open when your hands are full of shopping bags and the like!

So, how exactly do these things work? Well, the pressurized gas and oil are sealed to prevent escape and both have very different jobs. The oil keeps things slow and slick; it provides lubrication. On the other hand, the gas stores energy in the spring. Both of these materials work together to ensure the smooth movement of the piston. Speaking of the piston, it's very much like a bicycle pump - as we mentioned earlier - but the material is a lot heavier and made from steel. The piston sits inside a cylinder and slides back and forth. When the gas lift is engaged, the piston forces the air through a valve into the back of the system. Then, the compressed air tries to find the easiest way to exit. This motion put a lot of force on the piston. Surface area is a big factor when it comes to how easily the air can move out of the gas lift: the bigger the surface area, the easier the piston will move.

Here are some great articles which go into more detail when explaining how a gas lift works:

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